Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why The Illuminati Have Connections To You (or do they? )

About two years ago I was watching a video. I ran across a comment that asked "  do you guys know you are watching an Illuminati message through this video?". I replied to the comment and said "really what's the Illuminati and why are they sending messages through this music? The reply came back "It is an elite  satanic group that wants to rule the world." What? Really?. Okay I heard about the study that was done in the late 1950's where "buy popcorn" buy soda" ( or something to that effect) on the screen in a movie theater to see if the subliminal messages could increase sale. Sure enough, sells went up 57%. The government banned any such "marketing" tactics.

IN other words subliminal messaging is powerful and real. I thought no way is my music tainted? Well I had to get more information and try and find out why anyone would want to place subliminal messages in music, I started from the research of  who is said to behind such a thing and why. Here's what I found... there are two thoughts about the Illuminati. The first is one that the group was formed 100's years ago and their goal was one of learning and studying things of science and religion. However, the reach for knowledge had to go underground, because of the "roman church"  (but the Bavarian government was held as the banners) who felt that much of the knowledge which really equated to the study of mankind and all the physical political and spiritual systems that evolved around him  were sacrilegious. In others words man should not be eager to be "enlightened" or illuminated with certain kinds of knowledge. By now you have probably heard about this elusive group that has been around since around the mid 1700's and is somehow someway making itself more pronounce and not as secretive. For example,  in every industry there is an affiliation of its members. Banking, government, medicine, entertainment, food, education, energy and any all other industries and  world systems, have its members in place. Why are they in these industries? Well, supposedly they are to infiltrate the entire world with their new world order plans. So, with key people in place they can carry out their plans (we will get to their plans shortly). The hot topic today is the filtrating and influence of the entertainment industry. All "top" entertainers, including sports have an affiliation. Any and all that are huge and receive a lot of attention and marketing are being used to do the Illuminati bidding's. How simply put these stars bring the masses to the floor of influence. You may be asking how? Conceivably, it takes big money to promote anything in the entertainment field. Just because you see entertainers looking great and on top, does mean they did not have help getting to that point. They had to. It cost a ton of money to make block buster movies and songs. Therefore, the purse strings are always held by someone other than the big entertainers that you see.  The ones who hold the purse make the decisions, now fast forward to what you see in entertainment ( I leave it at that). But how, if the group started off as just a group that wanted full investigation and education of things like the physical sciences and math and the natural world as well as the universe  get to be "demonized?".

Well  it started, as mentioned previously, by the church who wanted all the power and therefore benefited in demonizing the group to keep people in the dark about what could really be understood by science.If people stayed in the dark, many things seemed more mystical and could only be known by God.  In other words, demonizing the Illuminati  was a way for the church to keep its power or power in "religion". An analogy would be like the Wizard of Oz story. Once the curtain is pulled back you could see man kind had power. Put another way, man's existence and power could be seen as, not so much an "out there" or "ethereal" but coming from within man himself. Sounds good right?

Well there is also another side to the story or history of the Illuminati.  As I mentioned previously, there is a belief that the group has always had a more sinister purpose and a more dark side (this is the overt claim by the Bavarian government and its reason for wanting such groups to be disbanded).  The origins is explained that there is a God and there is an enemy to God.  You must go back to the bible and read about the fallen or banded angel "Satan"  ( also called "Lucifer"  and also the "Morning Star") who was thrown out of the heavens for wanting to be as powerful as God. He had a very important role as the minister of music ( see the connection so far).  Once cast out of heaven he became the Prince of the air ways, seem also go further to say the God of this world. Now just as in Jesus times, where Satan tempted him in the wilderness and offered him the entire world if he joined him, he also tempts man today. Power is always the ultimate goal of man and satan ( you can see why one will not be very loyal to the other, both will not share power it is the nature of power not to be equaled or shared ). 

If you couple with belief that satan is the prince of the air ways and minister of music as his beginnings, it would seem logic he would put most of his efforts to working in these types of arena to gain power over man through this manner.  Remember, he has no love for mankind ( especially because God created and loved mankind) as his spirit went to the darkest of debts of spiritual existence. He seeks to corrupt and to defile what God made perfect. It is a plan to touch every part of man's existence to make it his own. He does this by setting up system on earth with man's help. This is where the Illuminati does it work. Making people sicker, less inclined to seek God, and to be morally bankrupt to the point God the creator of mankind is made out to be a fallacy, a figment of the imagination of a people, or at best a God that has no laws for man at all.  Supposedly, Satan seen as the seductress that he is tempts men with power, fame money and high positions. With allegiance to him, they must carry out his plans.

Today the  membership is carried out through those that have joined and passed down the wealth power and money to those who they have pulled in. The ultimate goal is a New World Order ( makes you wonder about founding fathers and their position on the Illuminati, considering the makers of the design of the New World Order and "eye" on the dollar bill, which is suppose to be the all seeing eye of Satan, was designed by order of the ladder leaders of the first ones who were partially reported to be "Free Mason" and had initially called them selves the "Framers", they were the first designers of the declaration of Independence ). The men that are a part of the Illuminati group believe that the world is better off with out certain populations Hence, one of thier biggest goal is one of depopulation. The men who are lead to want to control the population are themselves blinded by evil and distracted by power and materialism.

The end result is, depopulation ( here where man fools himself even more thinking he is powerful enough to dictate who lives and who dies, what a power trip). Well, depopulation is a part of  control.  Their sinister and satanic infiltrating the world industries, slowly and surely demoralizes mankind like a frog being cook in an increasingly warming pot. Man will not jump out the pot he is being cooked in if he hardly knows it is happening. Today many have taken on the assignment of exposure of the Illuminati, to bring it out in the open. There is plenty of information for anyone who wishes to understand what many are attempting to expose. I see it this way, if there is a sinister plot by such a group, the pot has been made to feel so relaxing so right, the call to be believed, will almost be a losing battle.              
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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mystery: What Makes Their Blood Boil?

 I was listening to a friend say " I tell you, nosy people just burn me up! They make my blood boil!". 
That made me remember of a strange thing read about not to long ago. It was kind of intriguing. Yet, scary and I wondered could this happen to anyone? The theory or topic of "spontaneous combustion". Spontaneous combustion is when the body apparently just burst in to flames killing the person. There is no known cause, nor has there ever been any "official declaration" of any of the suspected causes of the spontaneous combustion. One reason there has never been a official cause of death accepted in this matter is because scientist are not convinced that it has ever happened. As a scientist if it can not be observed rested and retested under a certain set of criteria, it does not exist. I guess I can see how stringent measures of testing needs to be applied in many things that may be a mystery or unknown. One reason this is important is it is always prudent to separate fact from fiction for important reasons. If this is a real occurrence, my don't we want to prevent it form happening? Of course we do and it my lead us to understanding other things about how the human body works. Before I get to far, let me detail as much as I can, what happens (if it is not self explanatory already). Much of this is observation in the after effects, strangely enough no one has ever witness the begging stages of the occurrences. No one is ever around to see someone "say help me I am on fire". Normally someone may look over and see combustion happening at best. A recent case ( the first documented case goes back 1663 in Paris by a Danish anatomist Thomas Bartholin) happened in Ballybane Galway, Ireland in December 2010. It was the first and only case of its kind. The a young man was found having been burn to death. There was no evidence any flammable fluids and no other flame origin. However, as in all cases the body was burned to ashes and the only area in the siting room where he was the, floor under him and the ceiling about where he was minimally. In all cases the very area where the body sat, stood, or slept was the only area burned. For instance in the earliest case in Paris, the the women's had body had burned to ashes while she slept. Even though her bed was made of straw, no other area around the bed was burned (picture a a burnt chalk  line that outlined the the body). What could have caused this, what thing is so flammable or combustible that the body it's self is burned to ashes but the area around the victim is totally untouched. Even if one were to go with the theory that the body some how burns form its own chemicals, it would not explain the flash burn. It takes 2000 degrees Fahrenheit  to burn the body to ashes. In what area of science has there been a situation where this can occur? One instrument can cause this? Only thing I can think of is a lazor. Although this may sound far fetched, does not chemicals in the body taking on a combustible mix so volatile it it burns  in lightening speed to ashes?  Well, the only thing for sure is that it definitely one of these things that are strange, but interesting, don't you think?       

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recipes From Beyond

Okay I am not very sure if people who have passed or died can communicate with the living. Well I even feel funny for saying "people who have died". I believe once your energy leaves this plane, it is off to another place, not to be returned. However, that discussion is for another blog. Getting back to my current tell, I mean can people really communicate after their passing. One women, a medium, who was on the late night radio show I was listening to said she has always been able to hear, and most of the time see the people who have passed. That's not even the most interesting thing about her claims. The most interesting thing is that most of the dearly departed she has communicated with, has not given her the location of that poor sweet family cat that had been missing and dead right under the house crawl space, or what the next lottery numbers are, or where lost life insurance policies are, or a coveted wedding ring is, or not even what the "other side is like". Of all things, they tell her their coveted cooking recipes! I am not making this up. She said "you know how everyone, especially females have those recipes that never reveal the ingredients to, or that they leave out the most important ingredient?" "I am told that ingredient so that I can make it". Oh I laughed from a good old healthy place from this woman's stories. I didn't laugh because I did not believe her, it was that these people or spirits remembered they shafted their loves on out of the main ingredient of a delicious recipes. I thought about the scene when they were living. I think it went something like this...daughter -in- law asked, " Mama Deena, Frank loves your fried cabbage dish " Can you please tell me how to make it? He does not rave about mine when I make it." Mama Deena looks at her daughter-in law and says I really don't give out my recipes honey.  But, I want my son to eat as good as he did with me. Now you have to know I cook a little differently from you dear so it may not come out the same but I know you will do your best. The recipe is such an such an such...." and that's all I put it in it, with love." You have to picture a smirk on Mam Deena's face as she give's her the last ingredient. Oh that is funny. But now that Mama Deena has passed, she has had some second thoughts about the deed. In comes the median. She can now lay her recipe so she can now surely rest. You know I don't doubt her. It doesn't mean the whole story in it's entirety, is not humorous though.  At any rate, I hope the recipes
that are chronicled in "spirit filled"  (could not resist that one) cook book are truly delicious and bring lots of joy,  laughter, good feelings and full stomachs even more than her compilation of how she wrote her cook did for me.
One more thing, I thought a good title for her would be "The Ghost Recipe Whisperer" What do you think?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strange Green Lights Seen Falling From The Sky

Recently I had a strange thing happen while driving with my daughter. On the edge of a new year, precisely 2011 at around 11pm on December 31, I was driving on a city street, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash when I did a full turn to view the flash, I saw a green ball falling from the sky. It was clearly green and was descending. I looked but said nothing (I not going to be seeing things in my head like that I thought), then my daughter shouted "Did you see that?". I said, I think so, she said "It was a green fire ball that looked like it fail to the ground". I said yes it was strange. We talked about what it might have been all the way home. Could it had been a meteor that burned before it actually hit the earth? It did not look much like a meteor. As soon I got home I did an internet search to see if anyone else had reported the green ball citing in my area. To my surprise I could find nothing in my area for the time we had seen the green fire ball. But, what I did find was a many citing in other cities states and countries. In fact all over the country. The stories are the same, someone driving or maybe just out for the night sees a green ball falling from the sky, but never sees an explosion or hears any loud bang. Most are equally impressed and know they are not seeing an meteor. If you do a search you'll find many explanations though, none can be substantiated. Many explanations have spiritual connection. The fire balls have been said to be natural phenomenons occurring as a result of natural atmospheric conditions. Well what does that mean? It means something  in the environment caused it naturally. Okay this is like saying the birth of a child is caused by the water sac breaking. Also, the green fire balls are categorized as a UFO. Now this we can all agree on, its' flying, its unidentified, right? One spiritual connection is that there is a war of the angels and the the "dark side" is sending warriors to earth.   Other take a more terrestrial explanations of aliens coming to earth for such a time as to be revealed later. It first reported in New mexico (aren't all extra terrestrial events) in the 1940's. They were first a military concern because of the proximity they wold fall to U.N. governmental research facilities. 
Even though there are said to be conferences convened concerning the green fire ball source, there is no official explanation documented by any research group. Secret conferences were convened at Los Alamos to study the phenomenon and in Washington by the US Scientific Air force Advisory Board, no official public explanation has ever been given from the government either. I just can't say what the lights maybe. It just maybe one of those things that make you either have to completely forget about it, or make you have to do more research until you can better understand it. For me, I'll just say, for now, it is one of those unknowns. There are many things in life that defy an explanation. Therefore, I pick and choose what I let my brain's attention migrates to,(or so I think I do). 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Post...

This blog site discusses a myriad of strange, unusual, peculiar things, events and people as as well as conspiracy theories.  There are many things in our natural environment that defy explanation. It is good to discuss exam and even speculating on these things. Discussion are always better than putting your head in the sand, or ignoring something that is not explained but obviously present. We will discuss "elephant in the room topics like the "pyramid and eye" on the dollar.
We all have seen the dollar and have most likely have touched. Have you ever stop to ask " why is there an eye on the dollar and what does the latin words mean?".  Do these words hold any codes or messages for our economy or future of America? Who wrote it and why?" Another hot topic of the strange and unusual is the many children being diagnosed with autism. The numbers of diagnosed cases a year are staggering.  Why has there been no official announcement from the government or medical community regarding the  alarming numbers of new cases. 
Lastly, human being sometimes do strange and unusual things. These are not always good, nor are they always bad. Good or bad we will explore them none the less. I encourage anyone to send this blog links to what they want others to be informed about ( of course we hold the right to edit  or reject any article is sent).  Together, healthy dialog will make us more informed...well possibly.

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